Yoni eggs, ideal for your Kegel exercises

Are you one of those who lives sex fully, and are you always looking to increase more and more your pleasure? With the Yoni Eggs, your libido and sensuality will explode.
The yoni egg is a millenary practice that was almost exclusive to the empresses and concubines of the Royal Palace of China, who used the eggs carved in Jade to obtain sexual power and awaken sensuality and thus stay healthy until they reach old age. Yoni is a Sanskrit word applied to the female genitals and whose meaning is “sacred space”, and its symbol venerated in the ancient oriental cultures for granting life creativity and love.

Practicing regularly with eggs are many benefits obtained. Its use allows awakening sensitive points allowing multiple orgasms during sexual intercourse, improving the emotional state of the woman and her sensuality, generating a sexual energy that keeps her physically and spiritually revitalized.
The Yoni egg is a great tool to perfect the Kegel exercises, vital to strengthen the pelvic floor which guarantees a satisfactory sexual life, in addition to helping to prevent prolepses.
With menopause vaginal dryness is accentuated, with this practice the hormones are balanced rejuvenating the woman and recovering her sensual femininity. Moment to implement your kegel exercises egg.
The choice of Yoni eggs should be made depending on the crystal and your energy. Each stone has different energy charges, and each mineral has different powers.
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Among the available eggs, we can offer you the Egg Yoni Aventurina Verde and the Egg Yoni Howlite, both of the highest quality.
Use the Yoni eggs to strengthen the muscles and get more intense orgasms. Do not fail to include eggs in your kegel exercises women.