Write well for a web page

Writing on the web page in web design is different from writing for printing. People will not reads whole web page in the same way they do books, so you can easily lose readers if web page is not written properly. Of course some rules are there which is universal like correct grammar without spelling mistake. While there are some other things also to be considered to improve the writing on the web pages. They are:

• Links usage, web pages will be connected to another one through hypertext, but if the web page does not have links it can be boring.

• Keep it personalized than automated content because you can lose the readers.

• Good navigation can give your readers some place around the site to go through navigation

There are many other things that constitute a good writing in website design Cape Town. It includes spelling, good grammar and interesting content. Moreover when you write for a web you must be aware of the people who read web pages and nature of hypertext.

Using links

If you are some new web designers so you can just sprinkle ‘click here’ liberally in the page, means it is not right. These two words can destroy the complete flow of document. The best way to add links to web pages is by adding it text written. Afterward highlight the textual elements as links.


While creating a web page make sure to have some any way to contact you through that page. If you are not willing to have your name listed on each mail list of the country then put your name at least so that anyone can credit you for the page.


Navigation must be in such way that people first arrives at home page and get navigated.