Who is the person Artie Lange

Artie lange is known to be a comedian and an actor, and has being featured in many movies, and standup comedy series. He is has also written two books and host reality shows, where the most recently to be released soon. He has suffered a hard life due to his melancholic nature, but yet he continues to thrive with his talent. After securing an audition for one of his first acting roles, he was caught and arrested after having being found with cocaine, after he was released.

was signed to act in Macdonald’s series which brought him back to limelight, and which he also used the opportunity to pursue other passions of his life. He has being engaged once, but has never being married and at one time was anti-gay. But this has recently changed as he says most of the anti-gay words he used where just joke, but nevertheless he knows better now.
Artie Lange was born in Livingston; New Jersey on October 11, 1967, his mother was Italian, while his father was American. Few weeks after Artie was born his father was arrested but later released. He attended the Union high school and was a baseball player at the time. He also attended the Seton hall university in South Orange, New Jersey. At the time of his high school, he was arrested for attempted robbery. Having slipped a piece of paper asking the teller to give his some money because he was armed; even though, he defended himself by saying he was merely flirting with her and this was a joke. She took it seriously and he was punished for it. For most part of Lange life, his father was sick and the financial situation of the family deteriorated, forcing Lange and his sister to work, while his mother also took on an extra job.