The sad times of plagiarism in Industry

A wise person in the field of advertising once said that all ideas are like babies, no matter good or bad we are going to love them. This applies to all creative ideas as well. A creative idea or a thought is something that doesn’t occur to every person everywhere. You can sit the whole day waiting for a thought or even spend a year doing so but there is no guarantee that you will get a path breaking thought that would be creative gem. So an artist in any fields such music, writing or movies, a thought contain much value and stealing it considered stealing of intellectual property right.

Whenever we see a creative work, our focus is only on the product that is offered to us, we never think about the uncountable late nights the author or the musician has given to it. After reading an overwhelming line in a novel we only think about that very moment and not feelings of the author. If only everyone understood this lesser people would plagiarise the content and music of other people. By doing so they are not just copying a thought but also disrespecting the emotion behind it. If a book like outback vision protocol is talked about then people should understand the hardwork of the writer who worked hard to write a book like Outback Vision Protocol so that people can also learn the information about the human eyesight.
A thing like plagiarism is increasing by the day because people have access to all kinds of knowledge in today’s world but at the same time the technology and new software are helping us provide such illegal activities. You must always report such a matter as Intellectual Property Law is always by your side.