The procedures involved in playing the Scary Maze Game

There are 2 squares included in the game. One of a bigger size while the other smaller than that. The bigger block is of green color while the smaller one is blue. The work of the player is to place the smaller block in the bigger block. But while moving the blue box one must take care not to touch the walls as that will disqualify the player from the maze game and he or she will have to start all over again from the first. As soon as the player is able to place the smaller blue square to the destination a sudden sound and a scary face will appear to lose control and freak out and then the others watching can make fun of the situation.

Different players have different reactions towards the scary face and sudden scream that comes at the end of the game, for example, they might scream, jump out or even fall off their chair. Later if one has videos of these reactions they can upload them to YouTube and will receive ample videos and comments. A person who possesses an iPad will enjoy this game even more as they will be able to view the maze game on a larger screen. But it is even exciting to play it on a device than any are thing involved with it. This game requires a good amount of concentration and also a good control of the hand movements and great eye-hand coordination. The games need to be completed without touching the walls. With the introduction to the third level, the walls become narrow and keep slimming increasing the hardness of playing the game. Players find it hard to avoid touching the walls. This level requires maximum concentration as well as patience as it is hard to pass this level for the first time.