The use of wood for lining board (voodrilaud)

Wood when cut freshly form the forest usually have very high moisture content, in the sense that, if used that way, it will fail in its use. When wood is cut, they are usually seasoned, seasoning them involves drying them to an extent that will make the wood suitable for use, not only as a lining board (voodrilaud) but for other kinds of applications. The process of seasoning is not a very easy one, this is why it is quite difficult to for you to see a wood that will be sold and be very dry, and this is because the process of drying is not as easy as it sounds. The wood tends to distort in the process of drying it, on major way to dry is to store them horizontally, and support them vertically, so that the pressure developed along its length can be lessened and thus, it will maintain its shape.

One method that many manufacturers use is by kiln drying it, this helps to prevent future problems that may arise from using the wood, and this method is very good, though it is an accelerated processor seasoning the wood. What some interior designers do is that they make sure that they bring the wood to the construction site early enough, so that before use, the sawn timber (saematerjal)can become acclimatized to the environment.

Another thing that is done on wood is treating it. This treatment is done to avoid infestation and to prolong the lifespan of the wood. Though, sawn timber (saematerjal) is not traded for all kinds of use, like in the baseboard. However, rough carpentry needs treated wood. Some woods are usually pressure treated, in the sense that they are impregnated with some kind of preservative, giving them a brown or green tint. These kinds are the ones used in the floorboard (P├Árandalaud).