Paintball Masks – How to Select the Best One

If you’re just starting out playing paintball you’ve likely already recognized for yourself just how important a good Skull paintball mask is when you’re playing paintball. Let’s face it; nobody wishes to get hit in the face with a paintball a travelling at 300 feet per minute. In this article I will outline a brief strategy that will assist you to decide on a winning paintball mask each moment.

– Find a paintball mask which match’s well. Even though this might seem very evident if you’re purchasing mask next hand or by a website the odds are that you’re not going to get the chance to test it on. So what I’d recommend you to do is go to your nearest shop that sells paintball mask and try on many different masks to get a good idea about exactly what size fits you the best. After this it is only a case of purchasing this dimension on the web for cheaper. Ensure that the mask you do purchase includes a refund interval so if you can find any problems with dimensions you are able to swap it or get your money back.

– Purchase a paintball mask having an anti-fog lens. If you’re playing paintball on a chilly day and you don’t have an anti fog lens then you might also place a pillow case over all of your head, as your visor will steam up and you won’t be able to see anything. If it occurs then you could be tempted to lift of your helmet, and it is unfortunately when severe accidents will occur. So examine the spec to be certain this is how it is with the helmet you purchase.
– Pick a mask with a broad field of vision. One of the annoying things about placing any paintball mask on can be the decline in the subject which you are able to see. Different paintball masks can enable different areas of sight, and the present leader permits a 290 area of vision. This would let you see opposing players in a glimpse providing you an advantage over players who don’t have this area of vision.

– Do not be cheap. The old saying goes “You get what you pay for”, and just like the majority of things such as Skull paintball mask this is extremely correct. I’d always pay that little extra for securities features like complete head protection to guard you farther from any harm.

Why under 18 paintball players need a full helmet mask?

Ready for some paintball? Well, first, are you under 18 years of age? If you are, you must know that you will not be allowed to enter a paintball field without a full mask helmet! This is very important to know as you don’t want to buy a paintball mask that isn’t full face in terms of its design.

A full face helmet will protect your eyes, your head, your neck and your ears. While it won’t be as bulky as a motorcycle helmet, it is very different from all the cool paintball masks that you can choose from if you were above 18 years of age.

The problem with full face paintball masks is that there aren’t a lot of great options to choose from. The 5 or so models available in the market today are not very comfortable. Since they cover your entire face, they also make you sweat or perspire a lot. Remember, a lot of perspiration or even heavy breathing for that matter can fog up your paintball mask lenses, compromising your vision. Since vision is pretty much your only form of Intel in a paintball game, it sucks to have a mask that doesn’t give you a great field of vision.

A lot of young paintball players try to get away with mesh masks that offer full face protection. Unfortunately, paintball arena owners are very watchful and aware of this tactic and will deny admission to those non-adult players who do not wear a hard top paintball mask that offers full face protection.

If you are very discouraged about wearing a full face mask, don’t be. While it might be inconvenient, you must know that most beginner level paintball players get hit in the face at least once in their early stages of playing the game. Trust us when we say that it is extremely painful and that you will be thanking your stars that you wore a full face paintball mask!