Opportunities in the field of digital marketing

We all have to except the fact that social media has become one of the most integral part of our lives. Let us rewind our clocks and calendars for about 15 years back. Somewhere early in the 2000s social media did not really exist. Social media has increased scope of marketing and now terms like marketing automation are really essential. We had really basic structure but now social media has attracted the marketing world as well.

Technology has played its part in promoting tourism across the globe. We live in a time where you can survive in an unknown land without knowing the native language because of various applications such as Google Maps and Google Translator. The task of booking a trip around the world has significantly changed because of the internet. Now you don’t need to depend upon the nearby tours and travels office that overcharges every time, you can just explore about the places that you want to go to around the globe with the help of the internet companies who are expert in marketing automation. From booking the cheapest air tickets to finding a decent hotel to stay at, everything can be done with the help of internet. Innovative startups such as AirBnB have made it possible for the travellers around the world to live in the cities where they always wanted to at dirt cheap prices.

Few destinations such as Paris, Bali, New York, Goa, Amsterdam and Toronto are like hotspots for all the travellers across the world. The growth of social media has played a huge part in spreading the word about new destinations and holiday getaways to the budding travellers. In the past decade or so, travelling has evolved from a hobby to a way of living.
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