Skip hire: eliminate your waste efficiently

In the Newcastle district of the United Kingdom, you will find the best waste container rental and waste management company: All Town skip hire, 15 years of experience and the best market prices, as well as the most efficient and responsible service.

Through its website you can hire the services of All Town Skip Bins, through their phone numbers, served Monday through Friday from 7 am to 7 pm, or by filling out an online form with your specifications order.
The total cost of the service includes the rental of the skip hire Newcastle for 7 days, its delivery and the collection of the waste, which are processed at the Mayfield recycling center. You can make your payments online with your credit card, without additional charges or if you prefer, cancel in cash directly to the driver who makes the delivery.
It is recommended to the customer that before formalizing the service contract visits the web section of “Delivery Policy” of the company, where you will find the “Container Location Guide” to make sure that it complies with the requirements of space and government permits necessary so that the equipment does not have problems at the time of delivery.
The price of container skipping varies depending on its size, waste material it is handled and capacity: there are from two cubic meters, with a total capacity of 300kg, up to ten cubic meters and a total capacity of 1500kg.
Waste that can be handled is those of household cleaning or renovations such as paper, glass, plastic, wood, furniture, tiles and others, also built as clay, sand, plaster, concrete and bricks, but also biodegradable material.
Skip bins Newcastle Containers to handle asbestos and fibro have a different cost and special handling according to government law on asbestos. Do not wait anymore and visit us!