IPTV and the Bandwidth Dilemma

With a global in financial meltdown and uncertainty included in every step we consider, it’s no question we bury ourselves a lot more into the cyber world of HD TV and computers.
Stores and high-streets are all but deserted yet on-line sales are up. An ever growing hunger for Hi-def viewing is driving demand for increasingly more channels. Internet video content is multiplying uncontrollable and it all boils down to space – what can we do about the bandwidth problem?

You might well have pointed out that we live in a world where impatience may be the norm, even nowadays. None of us appear to be willing to await for anything, stand in series, or tolerate whatever we deem to end up being second best.
‘Wait for weekly for my brand-new car to be shipped? Forget it! I’ll consider that one over now there…’ Wait 15 minutes to become seated at your preferred restaurant? No thanks a lot, we’ll eat elsewhere!
Don’t shake your mind, I bet this sound like you!
Anyway, can you imagine the extreme frustration of saving up and spending from the most recent all singing-all dancing HIGH DEFINITION, only to find there are still hardly any channels with the capability to broadcast in HD!
(By the way, a world to the wary, if you have never watched HD Television – don’t! At least not really yet, because doesn’t seem to be any going back on track, grainy Tv after your first experience without having to be overcome with emotions of immense frustration and loss.)
So what’s being dome by our broadcasters to supply more HD channels? Well, unfortunately, right now they can do hardly any. ‘Surely, you need to realize just how much bandwidth is adopted by an HD channel in comparison to a normal channel, ‘ they cry. But do you? No, most likely not, we just want to view! Let’s just state you could squeeze three regular channels using the same space used by that one big unwanted fat HD channel – which is the problem which includes so far still left the broadcasters scratching their heads… at least it has as yet.
We saw the start earlier this season of the IBM CE 1000 server. A server targeted straight at the IPTV, video streaming and best IPTV service sector. A couple of days ago HP announced partnership with the same program able to provide HD processing at an 80% keeping on space. Don’t trust me however? Well both these fresh servers will finally have the ability to surpass the promises on the box due to a revolutionary, new technology known as CodecSys, from just a little company known as Broadcast International Inc. (BCST. ob).