Ilaya, new possibilities for surrogacy usa

Surrogate pregnancy has become a viable option for couples who cannot have children, and medical companies like Ilaya become an essential aid to fulfill the dreams of those people who want to be parents.

Ilaya was founded in 2011 after a group of genetic scientists noted that couples from European Union countries were only given 3 opportunities in performing IVF procedures and the following were denied. This unjust situation motivated them to create a pioneering clinic in the provision of novel medical services in vitro fertilization and gestational surrogacy usa, but also of tissue regeneration and safe bio, ranging from prenatal care to geriatric.

The success of their services led them to transcend borders and create their subrogation program in the USA and Ukraine. California was the place chosen in the United States to associate with another prominent clinic for offering gestational surrogacy since state law allows this type of procedure. In addition, in California, subrogation agreements are not restricted to parents of intent based on their sexual orientation or marital status. On the other hand and because it is an association between two clinics, the cost can be reduced to half of what usually must be paid in the US.

Surrogate pregnant women are chosen based on strict medical and psychological tests and the responsibility for the welfare of each of them is fully assumed by Ilaya throughout the pregnancy. All necessary pre and postnatal medical attention are ensured and the expenses of lodging and maintenance of the mother are also covered.

One of the most important aspects has to do with the rights of paternity, Ilaya guarantees that the rights to the baby will be granted to the intentional parents after a judicial decision recognized by many countries worldwide.

The medical team offers a personalized and highly qualified surrogacy usa service, along with advanced technology and services without intermediaries.