Ideas about the Paintball Mask Collection

Have a look at the contrast I’ve put together of those Dye masks. Which one would you decide to go to a tournament with?

To begin with, I’d love to start with this Dye i3 v force mask . This mask includes just about all you can ask for. It certainly one of the very best masks concerning vision, comfort and security. The Dye i3 paintball mask matches to your head really well and covers your ears and the side of your head really well. It’s a gentle ear piece which isn’t bulky and hard as with other paintball masks. This mask includes a high definition lens that’s also scratch resistant.

The Dye i3 also supplies a quick lens modification system. Between games the previous thing that you would like to be doing is sitting in the prep area combating with your mask. This also makes it much easier to wash.

Where does all these opinions and facts put this mask compared to this Dye i4? Is it worse or better?

Allow me to continue…

Next, I’d love to speak with you concerning the Dye i4 v force mask. This paintball mask features a design all of its own. It’s a tight low profile mask for the fastest players on the field. The Dye i4 was said to fulfill your face just like a glove therefore the comfort on the mask is unmatched. Some players have said they’ve forgotten they were even wearing a mask. This also discusses this extraordinary eyesight this paintball mask provides. The lens provides 290 levels of complete vision both vertical and horizontal. This mask also includes a high definition and scratch resistant lens.

The only down side for this mask is the lack of coverage on the chin line and both sides of the head on the larger player. Has anybody else heard about this? I’ve heard it out of 3-4 players in roughly the past month. The lens shift system on the Dye i4 is at least as fast if not faster than the Dye i3.