How fashion bloggers have impacted the fashion industry

The Internet and social media have always played vital roles in the fashion industry by helping designers showcase their creations. Today, the internet and social media have created another tribe called fashion bloggers such as Ariane Slinger. The main aim of fashion bloggers is to express their views on fashion as well as industry trends. Fashion bloggers have actually changed the way people view fashion. Fashion bloggers have helped to move commentary on everything related to fashion out of the domain of elite and experienced fashion editors to young adults and even teenagers who enjoy millions of followers on their social media profiles and blogs.

The fashion industry has now recognized the impact fashion bloggers are carrying. Industry players are actively engaged with fashion bloggers like Ariane Slinger to promote their designs and brands. By developing a close relationship with fashion bloggers, fashion designers and brands are enhancing the celebrity status of these bloggers. Brands in the fashion industry are unanimously saying that fashion bloggers are giving them the chance to cover a wider audience. This in turn has seen many brands create new and better sales opportunities. The internet and social media networks have generally provided many opportunities for people in the fashion industry to showcase their sense of fashion outlook, clothing and style.
The flipside, however, is that many new clothing designs and styles are being introduced on a frequent basis thereby reducing the number of times specific garments are worn. Immediately a new clothing style is clicked after being posted on fashion blogs and social media, many people do not want to buy the apparel because they do not want others to see them in the same rig. According to Ariane Slinger, this reduces the possibilities that a person will ever wear the rig again. To address such issues, many players in the fashion industry have come up with a new concept called fast fashion.