It is said that our body rely on the constant flow and supply of oxygen intake to survive throughout the body. Our atmosphere has about 21% of oxygen only which is less than the half which is a noticeable factor. Oxygen s needed to produce cellular energy with the help of the mitochondria present in the human body. It may be noted that high flow of oxygen therapy is needed to deliver 100% oxygen in a pressurized atmosphere resulting in extraordinary healing of the body making it safe and sound from any disease. This may be effectively done using the mechanism called “hyperbaric oxygen therapy”. Other conditions in this therapy contains air bubbles in the patient’s blood vessels, and wounds resulting from diabetes, cancer or radiation injury, etc.

The healing process in the patient’s body can be thoroughly improvised using the technique called‘HBOT’ which helps to deliver a higher rate of oxygen to the damaged tissue. In a survey conducted worldwide, it was noticed that oxygen helps in control of more than 8,000 genes and is considered to be one of the most natural forms of antibiotics till date which may be used for various purposes. About 20 sessions of taking this therapy builds and improves the function of stem cells by eightfold effectively and efficiently.

The therapy session takes place for an hour or so as prescribed by the doctor and under the terms and policies of the centre. While going for this therapy, it must be noted that a break of 3-4 hours is compulsorily required in between two sessions. Hence, this therapy is safe, sound and highly effective for the patients. The side effects caused due to the treatment is generated in a small amount which goes with the passage of time. It boosts the immune system by giving its patients a natural healing.