Game actions and user demands

The part including the driving of vehicles in GTA 5 Android version, as well as GTA 5 iOS version, have been improved to a great extent when compared to the other sequels of the game. The advanced technological implementation of accelerometer and GPS tracking through the device has enabled users to control the driving by tilting the device. The changes are immense with the implementation of advanced mechanics at each step. Regular existing game modes had only a single character, however, for the GTA 5 mobile version, a gamer can choose between three distinctive characters with a unique set of skills for each.

The character switching in between the gameplay and its progression has added spice to the mode of the game and the missions in the game. The handling of the vehicles has been made much sharper than the heavier controls that were present in the past versions for PCs, Xbox, and PS. The feel and effects of car crashing have been detailed. This is not only limited to the road vehicles but the controls for the water vehicles and the aircrafts have been detailed too.
This game is one of the most valuable achievements within the sector of gaming due to its extraordinary nature and is considered to be an astonishing version by the professional gamers. However, the violence can be a little to worry about, but that depends completely on the user who plays the game as the boldness of the game is completely based on the controls. The freedom permits to cause a high carnage and impact on the streets while playing the game according to the gamer’s choice. The developers of the GTA 5 mobile version have ensured to keep all the scopes of gameplay that existed in the past versions of the game with additional features implemented along with the mesmerizing detailing in terms of graphics.