Factors to keep in mind while buying stab vest

Many great dignitaries around the globe have a threat from evil-minded people. Ignoring such risk could be fatal for oneself. If one doesn’t mind upgrading their old armor, they can suffer a significant loss. Therefore, it is necessary to keep specific factors in mind while buying a stab proof vest. These are as follows:

• Weight: while soft armor weights typically anywhere between 1 kilo to 3 kilos, to the contrary the ballistic plate used in hard armor can weight somewhere between from1 kilos to 5 kilos.
• Temperature: since vest has to protect you against even smallest of things. Therefore, it woven so tight can even air cannot pass through it. In such a scenario even air can also not pass through the vest, this may cause discomfort to the person wearing it. But one must remember safest is more important than anything.
• Flexibility: since body armor usually put a weight load on your chest it makes a bit difficult to breathe and slightly reduce your ease and range of movement during action on the battlefield.

But how can manufacturer and armed force authority stay behind in safeguarding their most important people safety? An entire team of research and development has worked out to make a lightweight vest which provides you more comfortable and ease of action.
Some other keep in mind points would include
• Cleaning and storage: since stab vest is usually worn in a crime scene or rough terrain, it is natural that vest may get dirty. Therefore, cleaning vest is utmost essential and so is its storage. Not taking proper care of vest can reduce its stab resistant property. But relax don’t worry it is not that a big deal.
• Life expectancy: like any other product vest armor also has an expiration period usually around five years. Why so? It is because exposure to heat and continuous use reduces its ability to protect against the fatal threat, keep an eye on deformity of vest plates and fabric thinning.
So next time you are going to buy stab vest you are going to keep these factors in mind.