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What is Medicare part A? Medicare part A is a part of the Medicare programme that offers you a kind of Medicare service to be insured of. Just like other Medicare part, it has features or services in it that tells you if it is the right plan that you should go for. The part A is the first plan offered on the Medicare list and it is also part of the medicare advantage feature. Medicare part A covers your hospital visits, hospice care, hospital stays or a nursing facility stay. It generally covers everything about hospitals stay, visits, and appointments including hospice care.

First you would have to be celebrating your 65th birthday soon to be qualified for the Medicare part A. To know if the Medicare part A is the plan that you should start with, you might need to check your medical history and know the kind of medical treatment most. If you would be going to the hospital frequently, then it would mean that you would need the Medicare part A to cover your hospital visits charges. You might also have a condition that requires that you stay in the hospital or a professional nursing home, for checks; then the Medicare part A would be suitable for you.
The Medicare part A excludes medications and drugs prescriptions, it only covers hospital charges and as such it is very limited as you might have to tackle this yourself. This is why the Medicare advantage is often preferred as it covers more; where often people feel that they might never have need for the Medicare advantage but it is still a strong cover just in case anything happens. Nevertheless, you must be adequately advised by an expert to ensure that you choose the right option that efficiently covers your needs.