Different ways to hack a facebook account

If you are wondering How to hack a facebook account, then there are various ways to do so. Facebook Phishing, Facebook account hacking using RAT’s and Key loggers, hacking the email address which the user used in order to create the Facebook account, guessing the password of your friend which is also called as social engineering.

Phishing is one of the easiest ways to hack a facebook account. It is one of the popular methods as well. In this case, you will be given a link may be via your email or in comments on Facebook, you will be then asked to login to it using your Facebook account and when you follow it, you will find after some time that your account has been hacked.
The other way is through your primary email address. If a hacker hacks your email account, then he can then try to login to Facebook account by using the “forgot password” trick. By this all he has to do is ask the Facebook administrators to provide the password to the specific email address and when they do, he can easily find out it and hack your Facebook account as well.
Key loggers and RAT’s method are generally used by advanced hackers which involves downloading up of a hack tool and then following a set of procedures to create a key logger for yourself and send it to the person whose Facebook account you want to hack and after they follow a set of procedure their account will be hacked.
Social Engineering can be used after you have certain information about the person and then try to guess their password and the answers to the security questions by which you will be able to have the access of their account. You can learn all these techniques to hack a facebook account for free sitting in home doing some research on all these. And with practice you will be able to do it smoothly.
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