Cocoweb, all in piano lamps, picture lights, barn lights and more, sophistication for demanding tastes

Cocoweb is your next favorite store to buy wall lights, Barn Lights, picture lights, piano lamps and everything you need to turn your interior or exterior decoration upside down. These are unique pieces, meticulously designed by artists and with incredible versatility, so you can adapt them to countless decorations. All have LED lighting (to take care of the planet) and an original design, to satisfy the most demanding tastes.

With more than 50 years of commercial life, Cocoweb has dedicated itself to providing its customers with the best lighting products with designer quality. All the selection has carefully maintained pieces, created with care by expert designers, so that your lamps are not just another accessory but they really add to the decoration, giving it unique and special features.

Cocoweb started with a modest collection of piano lamps and picture lights, then incorporated wall sconces and the famous swan neck lights and pendants, so typical of large salons. But soon they developed a true passion for the craftsmanship of modern lamps, at the same time as classic and sophisticated, even of country air. So, whether you are looking for a classic piece for your barn or one that really stands out for your art gallery, Cocoweb will find it.

What started as a modest classic lamp shop today is the place chosen by high-end clients, such as the MGM hotel in Las Vegas, numerous Hyatt Hotels in the United States, the Island Hotel in California, and companies such as CED, Rexel, Graybar Electric and many others. In addition, there are many recognitions and reviews dedicated to the store by specialized magazines such as Fine Art Connoisseur, HospitalityDesign, and ArtNews. Each and every one of them speaking very well of the work that is done in Cocoweb.

To access the extensive catalog of excellent products offered by the store and become the next happy customer, you should only visit its official site at the following link: