Avoid pregnancy gingivitis by best dentists in London

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The pregnancy gingivitis is a very common oral heath problem faced by the pregnant women. Women baring child have a very high level of hormone, this hormone is very essential for the pregnant lady and their child but has a bad impact on the oral health.

This problem causes plaque carrying bacteria which is very harmful for the oral health. The chemical and the plaque acid results in the irritation of gums. The symptoms are the bleeding gums and the irritation in teeth. Some people panic when they see this, generally happens when brushing teeth, sore, inflamed gums etc can be a result of it.

The pregnancy hormones cause the bacteria to dwell more in the mouth. The gum may face over growth and thus cause a lot of issues. This can also be increased at a proportional rate if not taken care of. We have a team of best dentist in London who specialise in treating these at a very proper and considerable manner.

This is also resulting in the tooth loss and other issues. Yu need to prevent this from happening. We can always see the increase in the patients. This can be avoided by the advice of some of the best dentists in London. Having a good oral health. Regular flossing and cleaning of teeth. During such time it is recommended that you use special tooth paste and mouth wash recommended by the dentist. Regular doing this will help you achieve it.