At Tekna, we advise you to acquire the best Hyperbaric oxygen chamber

Oxygen Therapy, called HBOT is a therapeutic treatment that improves the natural healing process of the body by administering oxygen to patient’s pulmonary system; this is achieved inside a pressurized chamber where the patient breathes oxygen at higher levels than 21%, which is the normal level we all breathe.

These cameras are called hyperbaric chambers and Tekna is the best option when it comes to acquiring a hyperbaric chamber, we have more than 100 years of successful research and knowledge in the fields of hyperbaric medicine. We have a great variety of monobaric or multi-cone hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers to meet your needs, be it a small clinic or a large hospital, we also offer a visit to plan and review the place where the hyperbaric oxygen therapy will be placed, and even help you with the connection points and revisions of the building code and firemen’s permits or any other procedure that merits installation.
Monoplace cameras are designed for only one patient at a time and Multiplace cameras to treat multiple patients. At Tekna, we offer our Hybrid 4000 and Hybrid 3200 models in MonoPlace Cameras, and the 6000 SL, 6000 Dl, 7200 SL, 7200 DL, 8400 DL in Multiplace models, or the Mobile Multiplace and the Transportable Multiplace.
At Tekna, we not only sell your camera, but we stay with you to make sure it works in optimal conditions; we offer maintenance service and tests annually.
In Hyperbaric Chambers in Tekna, we are the best, our cameras are pressurized to 3.0 or 6.0 atmospheres with the oxygen of medical grade 100%, and they are the safest and most comfortable in the market.
Learn more about us and all our hyperbaric chambers at where our specialists are online to advise and guide you on your project. We strive to give you the best service.