At Keren Friedman Har-Lev & Co, we offer you both legal and notarial services of the highest quality and the best Tort Attorney (עורך דין נזיקין) among others

Protecting the rights of our customers and creating security in the areas of activities is our main mission at Keren Friedman Har-Lev & Co, where we offer both legal and notarial services of the highest quality in the fields of labor law, liability, accidents of traffic, and insurance among others.
We also have the support of Attorney Nizik who acts as trustee and focuses on obtaining the corresponding compensation. It is important to know that compensation will not always be obtained by whoever causes the damage since there is a series of criteria that may affect the judgments, that is why you should go to the best Tort Attorney who will guide you throughout the process.

It can also happen when there are accidents on the road or traffic where there are bodily injuries or mental deficiency. It may be the case that the driver causing the accident is not protected by insurance, or that the insurance is deficient and cannot be met, the Fund will be asked to compensate victims of road accidents to compensate.
Not all people involved in road accidents have the right to demand compensation, for example, a person driving under the influence of alcohol, a person driving without a license or without insurance, who caused the accident intentionally, has taken the vehicle without authorization or to commit criminal acts has no right to request compensation.
There are also criteria that can affect the compensation and a series of steps to present claims or steps to follow when an accident occurs on the road that must be treated with great care because the actual victim could be adversely affected.
That is why we have the most professional Road Accident Attorney , to enforce the rights of victims.
Our Road Accident Attorney is an expert in traffic accidents, has the experience and knowledge required to make you more likely to succeed.
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