Are you on vacation and do not know where to go? Explore the best places to visit in Indonesia

Spend a few days in this natural archipelago with 17,500 islands and exotic coasts, you will be surprised.
We describe 15 of the best places to visit in indonesia , for a wonderful trip.
1. BOROBUDUR: This is the largest Mahayana Buddhist temple in the world, from the 9th century, in Java and UNESCO Heritage.

2. PRAMBANAN: an Impressive temple in Yogyakarta, with more than 500 monuments dedicated to the gods Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu.
3. DIENG PLATE: This landscape is 2,000 feet high, providing a complete view of the island of Java. You will see boilers, hot springs, temples and an impressive lake.
4. KOMODO ISLAND: Home of the huge dragons of Komodos, 3 meters, and up to 70 kilograms. You can also make excursions and visit other islets.
5. ISLA MANADO TUA: Formerly dominated by the Dutch, there are numerous Christian temples, the Christ of Ciputra, prestigious shopping centers and the exuberant Malalayang beach.
6. TANAH LOT: The most visited temple in Bali is very well preserved. Another attraction is the Pan Pacific Nirwana golf course.
7. UBUD MONKEY FOREST: Sacred space in Bali dedicated to monkeys, is one of the most tourists.
8. BALI SAFARI AND MARINE PARK: Here you can take a safari and observe the 80 species that inhabit its 40 hectares and stay at the Mara River Safari Lodge.
9. KAWAH PUTIH: this Lake of sulfur impacts by its white color. It will take amazing photos.
10. ANCOL DREAMLAND: Excellent complete tourist located in Jakarta.
11. ISTIQLAL MOSQUE: This old mosque, can receive 120,000 people, is very touristy.
12. JAKARTA HISTORY MUSEUM: It has 37 rooms and 23,000 collections of Dutch culture and prehistory.
13. KRAKATOA: This volcano has no activity since 1883.
14. MONSTERS MONAS: Extraordinary obelisk with 35 kilograms of gold.
15. RAJA AMPAT: an Amazing paradise for scuba diving with 75% of the coral in the world.
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