An introduction of Polysubstance abuse and treatment

Addiction has been the concern of many people, and polysubstance abuse is one of them. The term probably a new word for many people but affects many people. It’s a condition where a person becomes addictive to different kinds of drugs. In this case, they use different drugs at the same time which causes adverse effects on their body. .

Addicts use marijuana and alcohol along with this. However, other drugs are also taken by them. Taking about the combinations then it is combined with cocaine, MDMA, opioids, etc. The addiction is like any other addiction and leads to mental illness along with various health conditions.
What are its symptoms?
Before discussing the symptoms over here, I want to clarify that the following symptoms might relate to some other health condition which may or may not be severe. Medical attention is required before you take any medication for it.
• Like other addictions, it leads to mood swings and emotions like anger, irritability, etc.
• Eating disorders are other common symptoms where the person stops eating or reverse case may happen.
• This condition alters sleeping patterns; depression and lack of self-motivation are signs of it.
• Weight gain or loss has also seen in this state as it may be due to change in eating habit or due to hormonal imbalance.

The treatment options are available as rehabs are best option treatment. There they will get proper treatment which helps them to overcome this addiction physically and mentally. However, it’s tough to find good rehabs, but you may ask the doctor for help.
They will suggest you the right place to have a treatment or else take help from someone who knows about such treatment centers. Polysubstance abuse can be life-threatening, but with proper treatment, it can be cured.