All students require a day of recognition

Without any doubt, you all must agree to the fact that the best days of our life were the days that we spent in school. There were a lot of people that you knew. There were a lot of friends that you made and there were lot of things that you did as well. If you just take a moment to take look back at everyone in your class, you would definitely relate some person with another activity or so. Everyone has a special talent or something unique in them and for almost all occasions that uniqueness should be appreciated by the people around them such as the school.

Due to the poor construction of the education system, a lot of importance is given to the bookish knowledge and that is why a lot of children who are good in studies were considered to be the good ones and the ones who did not specialize in studies were considered as the bad ones. The world has to understand the fact that academic score has got nothing to do with a how a person is in real life. There are many more things that should be given importance and only that way people would be able to create a world with more thinking minds rather than a lot of people who just follow a protocol and act like robots.

You need to understand that school should have a recognition day where they recognize the talents of students who have various expertise in speaking, dancing, singing, acting and so on. They should be given something like custom trophies, acrylic trophies or crystal trophies and certificates so that they are motivated to perform better. Every winner deserves some recognition because everyone wants limelight one in while sometime.