A step towards the good health of animals: veterinary hyperbaric chamber

The development of science and technology has provided the human with numerous benefits and ease. The development in medical field is like a boon for human kind as the disease that used to be fatal earlier are now curable and have 100% safety results. Certain therapies and treatments have been developed which can give a life to a dying one.

One of these therapies is oxygen therapy. Oxygen therapy is recommended in certain cases and complexities in which the patient is subject to 100% medical oxygen in a pressurized chamber where the pressure is twice or thrice of the pressure of the atmosphere. This high pressure ensures the dissolution of oxygen in the blood plasma that ensures 15 times more oxygen supply to all the tissues of the body. This process is incorporated with special chamber called hyperbaric chamber.
The development in medical field not only benefits human but plants and animals too, as Tekna, a renowned company in hyperbaric chamber manufacturing, manufactures veterinary hyperbaric chambers too which serve as a life saving equipments for both the pets and the pet lovers.
Basically Tekna manufactures two types of veterinary hyperbaric chambers:
Small and large; small for small animals like dog, cat etc. and large for large animals like horse, camels etc. these chambers are highly secured and safe as the supplemental oxygen addition and carbon dioxide ventilation is done at a controlled rate.
Tekna provides certain more options for the veterinary hyperbaric chambers like:
• Temperature and humidity control
• Fiber optic lighting
• Night vision and HD camera system
• Music system for animal’s comfort
• Water and fire suppression system
• UV sterilization
Tekna Horse Hyperbaric Chambers and Camel Hyperbaric Chambers are the most advanced High Value Animal HBOT Systems available.
Tekna Veterinary hyperbaric chambers are available in two sizes: 24” and 144”
Animals Veterinarians can treat:
• Guide animal
• Service Animals
• Emotional support animals
• PTSD Service Dogs
• Personal Pets
• Show Horse
• Race Horse
• Show Camel
• Racing Camel
• Show Dog
• Show Cat
• Cheetahs, Tigers, Lions