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boho jewelry has been truly popular recently and would remain to be one of the best styles that this season will feature. Achieving this is really so easy, since just one perfect piece of this jewelry is enough to turn your total outfit boho. Though the usual clothing pieces and bits might look too bold or extravagant for the big ladies, boho still has enough designs to suit the style of everyone. When it comes to boho jewelry, you can’t just go wrong. Putting on statement jewelry does not necessarily mean that you have to put on some flashy, big jewelry. Boho has some best jewelry which are small, but yet interesting, and though subtly but can actually draws attention to your style. This jewelry allows all types of colors and metals. This jewelry usually present a sophisticated fairy tale-like design as well as slight pops of color with several delicate stones.

Hippie jewelry was created from the influence of the 1960’s hippie sub-culture, which stemmed from the youth movement that started in the USA during the early 60s. This jewelry sees to bring back the spirit of this movement as well as supportsthe centralspirit of this sub-culture, which areartistic experimentation,free spirited, and harmony with nature. The designs of Hippie jewelry reflect all these with the use of natural materials like wood, cotton,leather, and some modern alloy elements either in the form of timepieces or charms. This jewelries are hand-made and the beauty of each is so unique that no one hippie jewelries are exactly the same, every piece has its own unique quirks.

Erin Siegel and Lorelei Eurto defined bohemian jewelry as “an artistic, naturally-inspired, and playful blend of textures and materials”. You may choose towear this jewelry with a solid-color cardigan, a handmade leather bag, wood-soled sandals, a floral-print dress, etc. According to Siegel and Lorelei, bohemian features key stylesliketextured andpatterned fibers like cord, ribbon, and leather; organic materials like clay, stones, and wood; andvibrant colors.

When you enter a jewelry store, the first thing that catches your eye is the twinkling pieces displayed in the cases. Immensely lighted, each piece segregated on individual cases helps you choose your favorite. This idea is possible because of the fascinating Jewelry Cases used by the storekeepers.

Types of jewelry cases
Jewelry cases work as the virtual key to increase sales for any jewelry store. Unless you display the jeweled pieces properly, it becomes difficult to attract good customers. This hampers your sales as well. The right display of products enhances the maximum visibility and creates an appeal. There is a wide range of display cases available in the market to choose. You must know the types and the uses of each one before selecting for your store.
• Glass display
The glass display works well with any of the jewelry. You can display your exclusive pieces of gold and diamonds in them. A customer can view the pieces from various angles and choose from the variety. You can go for only glass countertop to multitask the cases as well.

• Wall display cases
The wall displays are used to display heavy and pricey pieces that are rarely sold. The customer can view the jewelry from a distance and admire them. This works well to give premium feelings to the buyers.
• Tower display cases
Specially designed to keep high-priced jewelry, these cases are a combination of wood, metal, and glasses. The cases help you to keep security along with high visibility.
• Individual cases for same variety
You can keep individual wooden boxes for small pieces of jewelry. They are good to store rings, earrings, and bangles. You can use them for display along with storage. Proper lighting is very important when you plan to display your jewelry.
Irrespective of what jewelry cases you choose, make sure that your customers fall in love with the very first piece they choose!