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There are lots of feeder kinds that are good for cardinals: window feeders, hoppers, tray feeders, squirrel proof feeders and timed cat feeder. You’ll have to tailor the feeders for your feeding environment.

Window feeders

These are best for getting close up views of the cardinals and operate well if you’re restricted on space. Be certain that you set them onto a window that’s problematic for cats and other predators to achieve. Using these it is not difficult to observe when you want more seed and also you ought to purchase a widow feeder that’s easy to clean and is still big enough for cardinals.

Fly Through Feeders

Hurry through feeders is most likely the cardinal favorite kind of feeder as they’re not hard to fly into and they offer you some protection against predators. They also provide lots of space so many birds may feed at the same time. It’s possible to provide various kinds of meals at the same time into the cardinals using a fly by means of feeder.

Tray Feeders

These come in 2 types: dangling and floor kind. The hanging menu feeders come in various sizes so that you may find one to match just about any location. They also give you the capacity to feed unique meals and lots of birds at the same time. The floor menu feeders will need to be located away from beams and other regions where predators can conceal. Keep the region around your floor feeder clean of hulls or discarded seed and then move it sometimes.

Hopper Feeders

Hopper feeders likely arrive from the most number of styles, shapes, and dimensions. You are able to use most foods at a hopper feeder. When picking one makes sure that the perches or platform is big enough for your cardinals. With hopper feeders you’ll be able to select the capability and track seed amounts from a space. This sort of timed cat feeder provides more protection into the seed in the weather.

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