YouTube Views: Effective marketing tool

Own a business or wish to market your talent? YouTube is the best online social networking site for promotional activities. Earlier, YouTube was a site famous for video/song viewing. However, these days it has been utilized as a primary tool to reach across millions of population around the globe. College students, professionals, work from home […]

What’s NEO?

Initially called Antshares, a re-brand premiered in July / August 2017 and it became NEO — name selected because of the high terms of being “the chosen one” ( not), or even more probable, which it means “childhood” or even “new” from Greek. ANS became neo paper wallet , and the rebranding must be followed […]

The Future of Crypto in China and its Relationship with NEO

There’s important evidence that China is implementing a change from FIAT to a digital Cryptocurrency with the Support of gas coin neo. NEO creator Da Hongfei was recently invited to a seminar held by the Chinese Government in regard to Blockchain technology. The event was titled the “2017 Trustworthy Blockchain convention” The conference itself promoted […]

Affordable Chest Freezer

Freezer is considered to be important in every household. It can be a huge problem to some people when the freezer accidently broken and some will act like tomorrow is the world’s end. Despite all of that, there are variety of choices in choosing your ideal Freezer. Some freezers come with a specific price and […]

Simple Slime Making Tutorial

The only satisfaction of playing with a slime comes affirmative to people of all ages. Maybe it’s because of the squish, oozy, viscous and slimy texture makes people keep on coming back for more demand. With its popularity taking the YouTube community by storm, more people are finding more alternative in making a diy slime. […]