LaserCare Eye Centre: Various Eye Surgeries for a better vision without Glasses

Eyes are one of the most important sense organs in our body, they allow us to see the beautiful world around us. But our eyes are very sensitive and we have to take very good care of them. With age, problems start to come in our eyes but there are various other causes like trauma to the eye, heredity, exposure to bright lights, working on computers for long hours, certain medications and medical conditions like diabetes which can result in problems in our visions. With the growth of Medical Sciences, now there are a number of safe and affordable surgeries which can help you spend a beautiful life and see the world around you without the use of any glasses and lenses. Eye surgeon tests your eyes and will recommend you of any of the surgeries which will be beneficial for your eyes in the long run. There are many e3yes surgeries which can be performed as per the criticality of your eye problem.

The most common is the cataract surgery, Corneal Transplant, and Refractive eye surgeries. There are various types of Refractive surgery option depending upon the sensitivity of the eyes and corneal thickness. LASIK, SMILE, and PRK are types of Refractive surgeries which are very safe and easy to perform with the help of lasers.

Eye Surgeons around the world recommend LASIK for treatment of Myopia, Hyperopia, and astigmatism. The surgery takes less than 20 minutes to be done on both eyes and with few precautions your eyesight can be restored without the help of glasses. At LaserCare Eye center Dr. Gicheru is the board certified Ophthalmologist and the founder. His main area of expertise is LASIK, SMILE, and PRK. So next time when you have any eye related problems, you know where to go for best treatment. Most eye related problems can be resolved by using glasses but surgeries can give you a permanent solution to all these problems, So consult your eye doctor about these surgeries.