Home remedies to try to keep dark circles at bay

Are you kept on hearing from people that you have dark circles that are making you look older and tired always? Then, you need to use the best cream for dark circles under eyes under the supervision of a dermatologist to get rid of the dark circles in a few weeks and gain clear and clean skin that makes you look younger. There are umpteen reasons behind the formation of dark circles under the eyes. Few of the reasons include aging, dry skin, crying, lack of sleep, poor blood circulation, physical stress, mental stress and lack of nutritious diet. Both men and women irrespective of age are prone to dark circles. Though, it is not an acute skin problem, but it takes away the look of your face and makes you look always tired and unhealthy.

Here are a few home remedies that one can try at home to keep dark circles under eyes at bay
Almond oil: This is the natural way to get rid of dark circles under the eye. This solution can be used by all the people irrespective of their skin type and are having dark circles. You need to apply the oil under the dark pigment area to see the evident results in a few weeks. In addition to almond oil, you can also add vitamin E oil to apply under the eyes. You need to apply this oil before going to bed and leave for the whole night. You can wash the face with cold water as soon as you wake up. You need to follow this remedy to keep dark circles at bay.

Cucumber: This is another natural ingredient used to for dark circles under eyes treatment. This keeps the eyes fresh and at the same time ward off the dark circles. The astringent properties present in this vegetable will clear the dark pigmentation formed under the eyes besides giving a soothing effect. You need to cut the slices of cucumber and apply on the affected eye area for at least couple of minutes and do this twice a day to see results.